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Reimagined Yiddish terms on Tees in partnership with

These reimagined Yiddish terms are from the book SchmeGoogle written by Daniel Klein. You can purchase a copy at 

DANNY KLEIN majored in philosophy at Harvard in the previous millennium.  After a brief career writing for television and stand-up comedians, he began writing dozens of books, including mysteries, novels, non-fiction, and ghosted books. He is the co-author (with a classmate, Thomas Cathcart) of the New York Times and the international bestseller, "Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar" (translated into over 25 languages). He is the author of the British and Australian best sellers, "Travels with Epicurus",  and  "Every Time I Find The Meaning of Life, They Change It", both translated into ten languages. His latest book, "SchmeGoogle", was published last year.