Uniquely hilarious and heartfelt Jewish greeting cards + gifts

Hanukkah is coming even earlier this year!? Good thing we showed up.

Check out our new Hanukkah cards!

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If you're celebrating Hanukkah this year from a distance, these are the perfect cards to send to your loved ones. Have a happy and healthy Hanukkah season!

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The Perfect Hanukkah Party Activity!

(Or to keep the kids busy)

Wrap your gifts in Jewish style

Mensch up your wardrobe!

The perfect gifts for the holiday! Baby Clothes, Bibs, Underwear and T-Shirts.

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    "These cards were so cute and funny. They really elevated the moods of my friends. I'm sorry I didn't buy more!"

    - Ronni

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    "These cards are so fabulous I don’t want to send them to anyone 🤣, but of course I will! Thanks!"

    - Robin

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    "These holiday cards are SO cute and really well made. They arrived quickly and I can't wait to mail them out to my family. Will be ordering from this seller again for sure in the future."

    - Donna

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    "These are PERFECT and way better than generic Hanukkah card sets I normally get. Will definitely be ordering from here again next year."

    - Sophochka

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