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Hanukkah 2022 is just around the corner: December 18th! If you're anything like me, you haven't even started shopping yet! 

Don't fret though… we've got you covered. We scoured the internet to find some of the best and most hilarious Hanukkah gifts this year for a price that won't break the bank.




🤣 Mitzvah or Shandah Card Game 🤣



This totally unique card game (created by our friend Danielle In Doodles) is unlike anything you’ve seen or played before … but somehow it feels familiar. That’s because this card game brings up very specific Jewish experiences and allows the players to debate whether each one is a “mitzvah” or a “shandah.”

Pick a card, pick a side, and discover who the biggest mitzvah-doer is and who needs work.

You light candles for Shabbat but accidentally start a fire.
You go on Birthright and never come back to the US.
You never had a Bar Mitzvah, but you throw your dog a Bark Mitzvah.
Are those situations more mitzvah or shandah? You be the judge! Debate hilarious situations inspired by Jewish life that were developed by New York comedians, writers, and friends. This game is for Bar/Bat-Mitzvah age + and is a great gift! Play it with family, friends, acquaintances or even strangers for memorable conversation. 

Price: $20 | Buy here!


🔥 Happy Hanukkah Bottle Matches 🔥



How often do we scramble for matches before lighting the menorah? For me, it’s at least 8 times a year (wink, wink) but thanks to Jewish Together, an amazing online Jewish boutique, your Hanukkah matches can have a place of their own. No frills, no fuss! These beautiful bottled matches are available in different sizes and prints and make for the perfect holiday gift or at-home accessory this time of year.

Price: $15  |  Buy Here!


👩‍🍳 “My Jewish Table” Apron 👩‍🍳



Don’t just kiss the chef this year! Buy them a fabulous Jewish apron! With latkes ablaze and the kitchen in full-force, every Jewish chef needs a source of protection from all the schmutz and spattering oil coming their way. Look no further than Koblo, a beautiful Jewish boutique in Brookline, Massachusetts that ships throughout the country!

Price: $25  |  Buy here!


☕ Menschions Mugs (Hi, it's us!) 


Enjoy a laugh every morning when you buy a mug from yours truly! The MaccaBean mug is specific to Hanukkah while the others cover a more broad sense of Jewish humor. Crack up in your coffee when you read the JEWtritional Facts on the back, or splash a bit of “oy” milk into your breakfast beverage.

Price: $15  |  Buy here!


🕎 Hanukkah Dreidel Fidget Poppit by Atzi 🕎


Whether you’re stuck in the office or channeling some holiday anxiety at the dinner table, this Hanukkah accessory is the perfect present to keep your hands and mind occupied this season. Kids and adults alike will find this to be a fun and enjoyable treat this year.

Price: $12.95 Buy here at!


🎱 Jewish Wisdom Ball 🎱 



Remember the Magic 8 ball you used to play with as a kid? Now, imagine if that childhood tchotchke ate pastrami and lived in Miami … there you have it, the Jewish wisdom ball. Complete with more than 20 responses to your “Yes” or “No” questions (because, uh, why wouldn’t it), this Jewish wisdom ball comes prepared to tackle all of your dilemmas in a way that only Jewish wisdom can. “Should I go on a date with that guy from work,” you might ask. “Feh” might very well be the response. Use with caution and consider consulting a friend or therapist before making any lifechanging decisions. But most of all, use it in good health and humor!

Price: $24.95  |  Buy Here at the Weitzman Jewish History Museum!


👨‍🍳 Jake Cohen’s Jew-ish Cookbook 👨‍🍳



In case you didn’t grab this gem last year, be sure to pick up the gorgeous and talented Jake Cohen’s Jew-ish Cookbook. With recipes that are both revered and reimagined, Jake Cohen’s cookbook is an essential to any Jewish kitchen and covers all ground from latkes to babkes … and if you aren’t already, make sure to follow him for countless recipes and video tutorials.

Price: $16.59 Buy here!


🍫 Wandel Treats 🤤


Once upon a time, biscotti and cookie met at a bar and their love child was Wandel. Wandel, created by our close friend Stephanie Berlin, offers a unique and delicious take on the multi-generational treat Mandelbread that we know and love. Available in four delicious flavors and two distinct sizes, this sweet treat is the perfect gift to give this season. Wandel can be purchased at both stores and online in either full-sized loaves or bite sized packages. And though I would get all four, you can select from decadent flavors like dark chocolate, gingerbread, original and lemon poppyseed. We may not stuff stockings, but we can certainly stuff our mouths this year! 

Loaves for $18 ,  Bites for $8 Buy here!


✡️ Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel Doormat ✡️


A great way to quite literally welcome Hanukkah into your home, this holiday doormat is available both online and in stores at Bed, Bath & Beyond this year. It’s a perfect addition to any Hanukkah party but serves just as well as a seasonal staple.

Price: $12  |  Buy here!


👕 Menschions Funny Hanukkah T-Shirts and Onesies 👕



Wear your Judaism with pride and laughter this season! Menschions offers hilarious and original prints on customized color T-Shirts that anyone will love. We also have the cutest baby clothes for all the little ones at the Hanukkah party this year! From a Dreidel on a Spin Bike to a fully-masked menorah, the designs feel contemporary and comforting all at once. Menschions also offers onesies, bibs and T-Shirts for the kinder!

Price: $25 | Check out all our Hanukkah shirts!


Of course, no gift is complete without an awesome Hanukkah card, so buy them in bulk this year and check out our holiday specials! For just $20, you can buy five of your favorite cards! Click here to see all our designs.



Grab them now so you don’t have to stop at a drugstore on the way to Hanukkah dinner!

Happy [almost] Hanukkah!

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