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Bar Mitzvah
Rebecca's Chocolate Factory and Sean's World (Circa 2001)

What even is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, you might ask? ✡️

On a technical level, a Jewish person’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah is one of the holiest and most sacred moments in their lives. In many ways, it is a form of an initiation, a way of calling the individual to the Torah and recognizing their role in the community as an adult, with a newfound commitment and responsibility to Judaism. On a practical level, it’s a really, really fun party! 

With a celebration so special, there truly are endless ways to make a splash! There’s music selection, menu selection, a guest list your family can agree on, a fun giveaway for the kids and, of course, a memorable (and personal) theme. 


Are you stumped on the perfect party theme? 🎉

There are many different ways to pick a theme but starting at the beginning can be overwhelming, almost like a board meeting that begins with an empty whiteboard. 

But we’ve made it easy. We put the question out to our users to see what their themes were (see below) and also came up with ways to break it down categorically!



Keep it broad

Many kids want to find a way to highlight a lot of their interests and hobbies and not just pick one. They may love sports, theater, travel, food, dance and Anime … but don’t quite know how to cover it all. With that, we suggest including a broad term in the title of the theme, like:

  • Sean’s World 
  • Carly’s Favorite Things 
  • Chelsea’s Hall of Fame 
  • Hanging With Hayley

 Think big and then hone in on the individual facets that matter most to your child. 


Keep it seasonal 

Look at the date you selected for the party and build an idea around that. Each season has unique activities, holidays, celebrations and festivals that you can use to derive ideas from. 

For example, if your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah date falls in the month of June or even September consider the following ideas: 

  • Camp Dana 
  • Marissa’s Malibu Getaway
  • Dory Beach 

If the date falls in Autumn, you can go with something like: 

  • Heather’s Hayride 
  • Perry’s Pumpkin Patch 
  • Back To Schule (Okay, I don’t see that landing too strongly with the average 13-year-old but it made us laugh!) 

 And winter is just too easy! 

  • Jake’s Winter Wonderland 
  • Hannah’s Winter Olympics 
  • Samantha’s Ski lodge 

Finally, if the Bar or Bat Mitzvah falls in April or May, go with something complimentary like: 

  • Danny’s BBQ 
  • Stephen’s Picnic Party 
  • Ilana’s Secret Garden 


Keep it Hobby-based

Of course, many kids may have a certain hobby they’d want to expand on but if you and your child are stumped think about the following: 

  • Candyland
  • Sports Mania
  • Glow Colored Theme 
  • Fairy Tales 
  • Travel 
  • Music & Playlists 
  • Food Festival 
  • Hollywood Glam 
  • Video Games 
  • Musicals

At the end of the day, the options are infinite and can reflect any part of your child’s personality or interests! Most importantly, make sure you and your family enjoy the day for what it is and don’t overstress about the details!


And a big Mazel Tov to those celebrating their special day! If you're looking for a fun Bar or Bat Mitzvah card, you've come to the right place! See all of our greeting cards here.




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