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In 2022, antisemitism is at an all-time high. Though Jews make up roughly 2 percent of the American population, recent information from the FBI and AJC (American Jewish Committee) reveal that Jews are the targets of more than half of the recorded hate crimes. Furthermore, nearly one in four Jews say they’ve personally experienced antisemitism, either in person or online, according to a recent report conducted by the AJC. Sadly, the antisemitism we’re seeing today is not unique to one political sphere or demographic. As our beloved Andy Cohen said recently on Twitter, “The amount of antisemitism coming from all corners is f**king alarming.” It's online, it’s at temples, it’s on college campuses and it’s in both blue and red states.

While it’s easy to feel alarmed, discouraged and naturally terrified it’s equally important to understand that while the threat of antisemitism is very real, so too are the forces fighting it. There are many different Jewish organizations that are out in the world getting loud and actively fighting antisemitism. They’re working on campuses, in big cities, in politics and on social media making sure one thing is clear: it won’t be tolerated. Here are a few of our favorites that we wanted to highlight. We’ve included direct links to their websites to make donating easier!



JewBelong is beautifully inclusive organization that invites anyone who identifies as Jewish to celebrate their Judaism and feel protected in a community. Their website offers hilarious, direct and easily digestible answers to so many questions one might ask about Judaism like, “What’s the meaning of Hanukkah?” or “Why do we celebrate Shabbat?” Beyond this, JewBelong actively works to fight antisemitism through billboard placements and aerial advertising throughout the country. Their billboards and banners call out antisemitism in plain and cheeky terms. My favorite reads: “We’re just 75 years since the gas chambers. So no, a billboard calling out Jew hate isn’t an overreaction. #EndJewHate.” Another one read: “Hey Hollywood, this is a sign you’re not doing enough to fight antisemitism.” These banners and billboards are effective, but they cost money so donations absolutely help. Click here to learn more!


Jewish On Campus

Over the past 5 to 10 years, many college campuses have become hotbeds for antisemitism. These sentiments have left many Jewish students feeling unsafe in their dorms, cafeterias, lecture halls and beyond. Attempts have been made to limit kosher food options in some schools, prohibit pro-Israel speakers and ban certain Jewish clubs from existing and participating in student life. Organizations like JewishOnCampus highlight these challenges that often go ignored by university boards, while also providing a safe space for students across North America and Canada to share their stories. Their Instagram page features anecdotes from students who bravely share their experiences and the program at large works to empower young students and their voices. JewishOnCampus has created an Ambassador program where students from different universities can plan events, lead educational sessions and work on resolutions at the university level that can ensure all Jewish students can feel safe in an environment intended to foster learning. Donate here.


Hillel International

Fostering a sense of community, connection and solace for Jewish students for almost 100 years, the first Hillel was established in 1923 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. One year later, the second Hillel opened at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Today, more than 550 Universities worldwide have a Hillel program available to Jewish students and their friends and allies. As one of the older, more well-known, Jewish organizations for young people, Hillel offers a safe space for Jewish students to socialize, enjoy a Shabbat meal and celebrate holidays together. Beyond this, the organization works to instill a sense of pride and security in Jewish students and their identities that many carry with them throughout their lives. See what your donations can do here.


Stop Antisemitism

This organization keeps a watchful eye on so many of the things the mainstream media usually misses. They tend to report on crimes, incidents and trends that you won’t hear about on your nightly news show or morning paper. Beyond this, they are behind many petitions that call attention to dangerous legislation, campaigns or politicians. They provide reports on antisemitism in the workplace, on campuses and in states and cities. They leave no detail unmarked. Despite the heavy but keenly important content, they somehow found a way for us to look forward to a weekly occurrence: “Anti-Semite of the Week.” Yes, every week, the team at goes through the news and highlights (and hopefully embarrasses) one tortured imbecile after another. Help this organization continue their research and reporting by donating here.


Anti-Defamation League

Founded in 1913, the Anti-Defamation League (or ADL) was established to fight antisemitism and has since grown to include so much more. Today, through means of research, advocacy, litigation and activism, the ADL works to protect civil rights for all while fighting extremism of all kinds. They work on the regional and national level to provide a safer and better world for Jewish people and any groups facing bigotry. Take action and donate here.


We know how overwhelming it can be to hear about rising antisemitism but know that as Jews, we are strong, and there are already so many members of our community (and even some allies) who are working to combat this. Learn how you can support or get involved with organizations like these and feel free to send us any organizations you’d like us to highlight in the future!

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