🎉 8 Ways To Host A Fun Seder 🎉

The countdown is on … Passover is officially less than one month away and starts on April 5th, 2020.(Of course, it changes every year so we thought we’d send a gentle reminder) And while we know that the story of Passover and our Exodus out of Egypt sometimes feels longer than the 40 years the Jewish people spent in the desert, we also know it doesn’t have to!



If you’re looking for ways to rev up the inevitable 8 hour Seder service this year, look no further. Here are 8 new ideas to make your Passover table pop!

1. Get creative with the Seder table! Make your own Haggadah or buy one that is more engaging and interactive. Set the table with fun napkins, candles and table games! The kids (and some adults) love feeling engaged - and maybe dress a few up with some fun Passover t-shirts or onesies 😉



2. Have each person take on a role in the seder, such as reading a section of the haggadah, leading a song, or asking questions.

3. Spice it up with a game of “Popcorn.” You may remember this little game from middle school or high school, when teachers handed the reigns over to the students, who could pass over (pun intended) reading responsibilities to each other in the middle of a paragraph by simply saying “popcorn” followed by the person’s name.

4.. Add some humor: Jewish humor can be a great way to lighten up the mood and make the seder more enjoyable. Have everyone print out a joke they found or wrote and share it with the table.

5. Purchase or print out a handful of table games that folks can play at the table. Think word searches, crossword puzzles or even a page from an online coloring book. It’s a great way to stay on theme and give people something to do during the 12 hour Haggadah reading. You can even create your own!



6. Prepare some fun food: Create some fun Passover foods, like matzo pizza, chocolate-covered matzo, or matzo ball soup. You can also add some colorful fruits and veggies to bring some fun to the table.

7. Have a sing-along: Sing songs together during the seder, such as "Dayenu" or "Chad Gadya."

8. Use props: Bring out some stuffed animals, dolls, or toy frogs to help tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt. The kids will love it!

Hope you're all getting excited for the big day!


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