Is Barbie Jewish? We know Bubbie is!

💗 Here are some fun ways to celebrate Barbie’s Jewish roots and founding! 💗

If this summer has taught us anything it’s that it really is Barbie’s world and we are all just living in it! Barbie dolls are sold and celebrated globally and have evolved to include women and individuals that reflect all different types of backgrounds, stages of life, occupations and more. And while we haven’t yet seen a “Jewish practicing Barbie” the roots of this globally acclaimed doll can actually be traced back to one Jewish woman: Ruth Hander!

Handler was born Ruth Moskowicz and was the youngest of 10 children in a Polish-American family. She was born in Denver, Colorado and ended up marrying her high school sweetheart Elliot Handler before moving to Los Angeles in 1938 to work for Paramount. While living in Los Angeles both Ruth and her husband took on different ventures and eventually co-founded Mattel. Today, Mattel is one of the biggest toy producers in the world, and is, of course, known for creating household items like UNO, American Girl Dolls and of course, the Beloved Barbie! 


Now, if you’re like us and looking for ways to celebrate Barbie’s Jewish foundation, we’ve got some ideas for you!

1. Throw a Barb-Mitzvah ✡️

Whether you’re 13 or 39, a celebration is always a good idea and with a theme like Barbie, the ideas are simply endless. Have everyone wear pink, arrive in a convertible, get a fun photo booth in order and tell the DJ to mashup Hava Nagila with Aqua’s hit song Barbie girl! (Someone please make this song a reality!)

2. ShabBarbie 🍞

Shalom Shabbat is a time to rest, reflect and rejoice … and maybe even accessorize. Invite some friends over and add a dash of pink to the Shabbat dishes you know and love. That’s right, make your Challah stand out this Friday or bedazzle that Babka. There’s no shortage of ideas out there and they are simply delicious and truly attainable. All you need is a little food coloring and imagination … and hey, isn’t that what Barbie’s all about?

3. Be A Bubbie Girl (In A Bubbie World) 👵

Ruth Handler created Barbie because she wanted to give her children and other children around the world the chance to practice and expand their own imagination - and expand we definitely did....


Watch our Bubbie Girl parody below and check out our Bubbie Girl products to embrace the Jewish grandmother within! And as for Ken… well, the Hebrew translation is “Yes” so in true Jewish fashion say YES to it all!  💗



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