Passover Films and TV Episodes Ranked!

Passover is a holiday filled with beautiful traditions. Clean the house for “chametz,” pull out the recipe book for the matzah brie, fetch a wine glass for Elijah and cue up your favorite Passover specials! Yes, despite there being only a handful of Hanukkah movies and television episodes available for us Jews to enjoy, there’s a plethora of great Passover ones, and we decided to rank our favorites! Check out our list of Passover films and TV episodes below and take a little time to enjoy one this year. (Reminder: Passover starts on April 22nd)


10. Exodus: Gods and Kings: 

An origin story that has all the grandness that a Ridley Scott film has to offer, this Hollywood film captures that magnitude of our beloved story quite well. With the large focus being on Moses, this blockbuster film is much like an updated version of The Ten Commandments … and is likely beloved by Jewish dads worldwide.



9. Gossip Girl (Season 2, Episode 21): In an episode entitled, “Seder Anything” some of the most salacious characters to grace our TV screens gather around the Seder table as they grapple with their own mishigas. Elijah’s empty seat is up for grabs and the quips roll as generously as the wine. Much like the Haggadah itself, this 2011 episode is filled with drama, relationships and at least a nod to the Hebrew language (this time by acclaimed actor Wallace Shawn). It’s a fan favorite and one that we’re proud to have on our list!



8. The Animated Haggadah: 

A holiday classic that tells the story of Passover through clay figurines and voiceovers, this animated special is a great way to explain the history of our holiday and the traditions that come with it. It focuses on the Four Questions and pays special homage to the Jewish communities all over the world, from the former U.S.S.R. to Ethiopia, Israel and America, highlighting our similarities through shared Seder rituals. Released in 1984, there’s an element of nostalgia to this 25 minute special that will surely land with Jews of a certain age (cough, cough … us).    



7. The OC (Season 1, Episode 23): 

From the folks that brought us Chrismukkah comes a fantastic little episode about Passover that brings Summer (played by Rachel Bilson … who is part Jewish) to a Seder where she learns the Four Questions to try and impress Seth’s grandmother. Well, she impressed more than just Seth’s family that night which is why this under-the-radar episode makes our list this year.



6. The Nanny: 

The Flashy Girl from Flushing (Fran Drescher) brings her flair to the Seder in this hilarious episode of one of our favorite series. It’s filled with drama, humor and an additional fifth question asked by the youngest daughter: When is my daddy going to marry Fran?



5. Shalom Sesame: Passover: 

Before she played Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker played “Jerusalem Jones” on Shalom Sesame, the Israeli version of Sesame Street! Finding this hidden gem is like finding the Afikomen itself. It’s filled with songs, stories and hilarious characters that will bring the story of Passover to life.



4. Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 5, Episode 7): 

From neighborhood drama to stolen newspapers, latkes and Charoset, this Season 5 episode is pretty, pretty, pretty good if you ask us! Join Larry as he faces the plagues of daily life over Passover week. In true L.D. fashion, all the moving parts hilariously connect in this must-see Curb episode!


3. The Ten Commandments: 

The journey out of Egypt took forty years … and this four-hourlong film surely does it justice! At number 3 is a timeless classic that you’ve probably seen in Hebrew School and at your Aunt’s house at least 12 times: The Ten Commandments. This 1956 film has stood the test of time, gaining recurring airtime each year. Fun Fact: It won the Oscar for best visual effects in 1957 and required 14,000 extras on set!



2. The Rugrats Passover Special (Season 3, Episode 26): 

Narrated by Tommy Pickles’ Grandpa Boris, this special episode explains the story of Passover through the lens of the show’s beloved characters, with Angelica as Pharoah and Tommy as Moses. “Let My Babies Go,” becomes the catchphrase of this endearing fan favorite. Perfect for kids from 1 to 92, this episode is one of the many ways the Rugrats paid homage to the Jewish community and our history.



1. The Prince of Egypt: 

Maybe it’s the story, or maybe it’s the song (friendly reminder that Whitney AND Mariah collaborated for this movie) but this DreamWorks Animation is nothing short of a dream. It is an origin story told with humor and heart that follows Moses from infancy to exodus. The film is educational and entertaining and perfect for all ages.



Of course, entertainment is just one part of the perfect Passover equation. While you celebrate, make sure to check out our adorable and funny cards and gift items. Chag Sameach! 

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