With a new year comes new opportunities and new chances to make memories around the family table once again. The food is great and for at least this once, we have an opportunity to celebrate a holiday that doesn’t shine light on a group of people that tried to kill us! It’s a win for all of us. 

Whether you’re attending a dinner filled with familiar faces or heading somewhere brand new, it is, of course, customary to bring something for the host. If you’d like to bring something to your Rosh Hashanah celebration, or use some cute items to host your own celebration, take a look at the beautiful options we’ve gathered below:


The Michael Aram Pomegranate Plate

Pomegranates hold a special place in the hearts and shopping carts of many Jewish people around this time of year. Why? It is said that the pomegranate has 613 seeds, representing the 613 mitzvot (Not that we counted)! It is also a symbol of righteousness, knowledge and wisdom and has a sweet kick that makes it a perfect addition to the holiday menu. With that, this gorgeous plate, available here at Bloomingdales for $145, is the perfect gift to bring to anyone’s holiday dinner table.



Honey Sampler Gift Set

Spice up your honey this year! Whether you're hosting or attending as a guest, this honey sampler looks BOMB and is totally unique! The flavors include: Orange Blossom Honey, Pomegranate Honey, Whipped Chocolate Honey, and Whipped Original Honey. Available for $60 on




A perfect gift to bring to someone who either just moved into a new home or is hosting for the first time! This beautiful piece contains a heartfelt blessing that will surely be appreciated by anyone who receives it. Available both online and in-person at Kolbo Judaica in Brookline, Massachusetts. Available for: $42.00 on



Modern Jewish Cooking: Recipes & Customs for Today’s Kitchen

This contemporary cookbook written by Leah Koenig is the perfect gift to bring to your host this Rosh Hashanah. Sharing recipes from North Africa to Eastern Europe, this book showcases the diversity within the Jewish community and the cuisine that comes with it. With new takes on old recipes like challah, latkes and matzoh balls, this delectable and innovative cookbook is a stellar addition to anyone’s kitchen, bound to bring a smile to anyone who receives it.Available for: $17.50 on Amazon here



Menschions Holiday Party Puzzles

Bring the party to the kids table with our two Rosh Hashanah puzzles, each showcasing one of our newest designs! It’s the perfect way to keep the kids distracted!  Holiday Party Puzzles available here for UNDER $25!


Hand-Painted Ceramic Apples and Honey Dish

This one-of-a-kind, hand-painted with apples and bumblebees dish (available at is a great gift option when it comes to serving all the apples and honey at Rosh Hashanah. As it is tradition to dip apple slices into honey at the dinner table, we know it will be put to good use and is likely an upgrade from the everyday bowls most of us pluck out of our cabinets 10 minutes before the dinner starts. Price: $48. 


Menschions Clothing for the Kinder

Whether you’re hosting or attending the Rosh Hashanah dinner this year, it’s always a nice idea to bring a little something special for the kids at the table, which is why we at Menschions just released a tee shirt and First Rosh Hashanah Onesie with our brand new design on it! Available in different sizes and colors, these outfits are an adorable way for the kids in your life to connect to the holiday and learn more about the traditions. 


Funny Jewish T-shirts and clothing are available for UNDER $25!


Apple Slicer

A gift that’s both practical and perfect for the occasion, a standard apple slicer is sure to be put to good use for the holiday and beyond! Since apples and honey are a staple for the holiday, getting those slices situated is paramount to any preparation. The apple slicer expedites the process and helps anyone hosting a dinner move things along perfectly. Apple slicers are available online and in most kitchen supply stores. Available for: $11.99 at Bed, & Beyond.


Hexagon Shaped Porcelain Apple & Honey Dish Set

This dish set is bound to be the centerpiece of the holiday table that doesn't break the bank. With “Shana Tova” etched onto the porcelain plate and a complementary mini-bowl for the honey, this makes for a gift that’s both elegant and elevated. Let the timeless tradition of dipping apples into honey continue with this delightful addition.Available for : $19.99 at


Ess-A-Bagel Jewish Classics Dessert Pack

Ess-A-Bagel is a staple amongst New York Jews but now, thanks to GoldBelly, these holiday goods can be sent nationwide. Pick from an array of desserts including Chocolate or Cinnamon Babka, Black and White Cookies, Bow Tie Cookies and Rugalach and wow an entire table with your gift and goodies! Bring New York anywhere this Rosh Hashanah and ring in the New Year with timeless taste.Available for : $99.99 at



Menschions Rosh Hashanah Cards

And of course, we encourage you to send out or bring one of Menschions’ brand new cards this year! As you know, Menschions loves to bring humor to the holidays and the New Year is no exception. Send out a message that’s sweeter than apples and honey and bring a smile to someone’s face this Rosh Hashanah. 

Unique Rosh Hashanah cards for $5.99 – USE CODE ROSH15 for 15% off!

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