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Picture this: you just purchased one of our amazing greeting cards and are on the brink of getting ready for a fabulous event. Could be a wedding, possibly a Bat Mitzvah or maybe even a Hanukkah party.

Your outfit’s all picked out, your hair is pristine and your outfit’s a solid TEN! The gift is good-to-go and so are you. Only one thing left to do – write out the card.

Buying the card is easy, but figuring out what to write in it is always the challenge. Looking at the blank page in front of you can be overwhelming and ignite at least a few questions. How long should the card be? Should it be silly or serious? Do I sign off with “Love” or “Fondly” or “Best?”

We created a quick little ABC guide to help you write out a card in a way that feels right for you and the occasion. Check out our tips below!



When you’re writing a card, authenticity is key! Be yourself, be sincere and speak from the heart. Your genuine wishes and message will transpire whether it’s a birthday card, wedding card or even sympathy card. 



Being mindful of the length of your message is always important. Generally, you want to keep your note on the shorter side (six sentences or less), but if you’re close to someone or genuinely have a lot to say about the occasion, you can go longer. Remember, this isn’t a speech! However, there’s no absolute when it comes to length and it's usually based on what kind of relationship you have with them.



Be clear about the occasion when you write out a card. State it in the first or second line! It can be a congratulatory card, holiday card or even one just to say hi! When writing out your card, make sure to be clear about the occasion so that years from now, when the recipient looks back on the stack of papers they’ve hidden away under their bed, they’ll remember exactly what they received this for.



When it comes to details, a little bit goes a long way. Inserting an old memory or an inside joke brings so much color to the card and shows the recipient how much thought you’ve put into it.



This element is key no matter the occasion! If it’s a wedding you want to say something like “I’m so excited to see the two of you live out your dreams together.” If it’s a bar mitzvah card, you’ll want to write something like, “This is just the start for you!” For birthdays, make sure to tell them they don’t look a day over their age (minus five years). And if it’s a sympathy card you want to tell them that you’ll be there for them no matter what! Encouragement looks different for everyone but keeping this notion in mind as you finalize your card will make a huge difference and bring a smile to their face.


The most important thing is that you have a unique, heartfelt and humorous card to give or send. That's what we're here for! Shop now.



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