Get To Know Wandel: Making A Mark On The Jewish Community


There’s an old and often interchangeable joke about two items walking into a bar to discover something new. For Stephanie Berlin, those two items were Biscotti and a Cookie… but they didn't walk into a bar .. they fell into her kitchen. And the result has been "no joke." 

If you have a sweet tooth, or even taste buds for that matter, it’s time to “Wandel” into the growing number of bakeries, delicatessens and grocery stores that carry Ms Berlin’s creation: “Wandel Bites.” Wandel is the company’s whimsical name, of course, but it’s also a verb, Berlin explains. “To Wandel is to enjoy life with an open arm and open heart,” she says while distributing samples at a New York farmer’s market. “It’s all about exploring and celebrating flavor and recipes.” 

In between switching kitchens, delivering packages and dropping off samples, Stephanie Berlin sat down with us to talk about her brainchild, and of course, share a few Wandel Bites with us over cappuccinos.



1. What is Wandel?

Wandel is a modern take on mandel bread and mandel bread is first cousins with biscotti. Wandel is my mom's recipe and it's essentially a moist biscotti bite that melts in your mouth.

2. How did the idea of Wandel come to you?

Wandel fell into my lap. I started baking Wandel for fun during the pandemic and I would bring the dessert to outdoor BBQs. One "ah-ha" moment led to another where people who in my mind were experienced in food were obsessed. Being a tad burnt out of my 10+ year film career, I started selling at a local farmer's market on NY's upper east Side and since then, here we are !!

3. Was this inspired by a family recipe?

It was! My mom's mandel bread recipe that my friends and family have been eating for 30+ years!

4. What can you tell us about Mandel bread and its history? How is Wandel different? What does it represent?

Mandel Bread, like its first cousin biscotti, is a twice baked cookie. The twice baked cookie appears and reappears throughout many cultures, year after year. It's a worldly treat - so I flipped the "M" in Mandel to "W" for wordly. Each bite of Wandel reminds us we have more in common with one another than we think. It's a unifying treat !

5. What was the change in careers like for you?

Scary as F**K. I was working in entertainment for more than 10 years but really wanted to do something that was more personal. It was terrifying at first and it feels weird calling yourself a business owner but those natural growing pains forced me to combat my continued "imposter syndrome". I'm really proud of those changes. It forced natural growing pains and it also forced me to combat my continued imposter syndrome.

6. What's been your biggest lesson as an entrepreneur?

To slow the F**K down. Breathe and google things. Do not compare and despair. You never really can gauge what's going on based on social media. Stay true.

7. What's been the biggest lesson as a chef/creator?

Educate yourself - and talk to as many people as you can before decision making, ultimately.. I dive into the deepened which is a technique, however, sometimes it's wise to research and think things through.

8. What advice would you give to someone trying to start a business?

DO IT!!!!!!

9. What are the ties to the Jewish community and how have you enjoyed collaborating with other Jewish businesses?

I lean into that Mandel Bread is a Jewish treat and I collaborate with all companies, Jewish owned and more. The unification factor is very important to me and I try to generate that with everyone and anyone! Israel itself is a melting pot of culture and so is Wandel.

10. Have you seen any shifts or changes in your business over the last few months?

I haven't, however, I am essentially relaunching and purposely leaning into the Jewishness and worldliness of the treat … given the backdrop of our world. I refuse to live in fear. REFUSE.

11. Do you have any words or a message you'd like to share with the Jewish community?

When I welcome people into the World of Wandel, I am not just inviting people to eat my mom's yummy Wandel bread. I am inviting people into a place where they can authentically express themselves, Jewish or not. A judgmental free zone.

You can find Wandel at and make sure to follow them on Instagram!

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