What Is Your Jewish Love Language?

We’re all familiar with love languages, but we wanted to take things a step further and throw some Judaism into the conversation. If you grew up in a Jewish home, or ever had Jewish friends, you know that we all… well… speak a certain language. It’s not necessarily Hebrew, it’s not quite Yiddish either, but it’s a language of love that often feels like a big bowl of Matzoh Ball Soup.

Take a look at the five Jewish Love Languages and let us know which one speaks to you! 💕


Simply stated, you are the charmer, the life of the party and the macher of the moment! You are the king and queen of compliments and make people feel like the star of the show, even though we all know the star is always you!



Life’s big moments bookmark all the more regular ones and you make sure to celebrate every second of them with your loved ones! Big parties, vacations, and milestones like weddings, graduations and bar mitzvahs keep your heart beating in the right direction.



Few things cement a bond for you like a common dislike. Whether it’s a person, restaurant or even a daily obligation, venting about it to someone and letting them provide the space for you is the best way to your disgruntled little heart. The typical kvetcher is actually misunderstood. They are realists, who simply acknowledge life’s shortfalls and relish in finding others who see them too!



Love lies in the details and minutia for you. You connect well with others by having everyday conversations about everyday things. Although you might give unwanted advice to those around you, at least you care to help!



The best way to your heart is through your stomach! You express and receive love through the art of food and nothing says “I love you” like sharing a meal with someone.


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