How To Throw a Fun Purim Party: Purim Gifts, Goodies and More!


🎉 Purim 🎉 is a vibrant and lively Jewish holiday that celebrates the biblical story of Queen Esther’s bravery and triumph over adversity! This year it begins on March 23rd at sunset and ends the following night on March 24th. Many people choose to dress up for this holiday while exchanging gifts and sharing delicious treats like the Hamentaschen. One way to commemorate this beautiful story is to throw a party complete, of course, with the following: 



Hamentaschen Gift Baskets: The Hamentaschen is a traditional cookie that ironically was named after the story’s villain Haman. However, the sweet fillings it contains make the Hamentaschen the hero of any Purim Party. For those who don’t know, they are triangular shaped cookies that are pinched on the side and filled with poppy seeds, fruit preserves, chocolate or more! Folks have gotten creative over the years and so could you!

Mishloach Manot Packages: One Purim tradition we know you love involved exchanging gift baskets filled with goodies. Yes, the hype goes BEYOND the Hamentaschen and can include a variety of sweets and snacks without limitations! Go sweet, go savory … just go get your baskets in order! Some companies that can pre-wrap them are Broadway Basketeers, Oh! Nuts, and Israel Catalog!  

Purim Themed Costume Parties: While some folks like to call Purim “The Jewish Halloween” the significance of the costume points to the idea that Queen Esther had to wear a mask to hide away from King Haman. Another reason is that it is supposed to represent the miracles that were being disguised as natural events in the story. And finally … it’s fun for the kids (and adults if we’re being honest)!

Megillah Scrolls & Decorative Cases: Reading the Megillah, or the Book of Esther, is a beautiful way to commemorate this holiday, which tells the tale of our heroes Esther and Mordechai  protecting and saving the Jewish community from King Haman. The Megillah scroll can be purchased at most Judaica stores and make for a beautiful addition to any Jewish home. 

Charitable Donations: Just like with most Jewish holidays, it’s an honor to give Tzedakah (or a donation) during Purim. Find a charity or organization that supports the communities and causes that are dear to your heart and donate in their honor. As we know, supporting each other is more important than ever so check out a few Jewish organizations you may want to consider donating to!

This year Purim falls on March 23rd at sundown and ends at nightfall on March 24th. Be sure to spend it with loved ones and don’t forget to celebrate with some of our favorite Purim cards, puzzles, decor and gifts! Chag Sameach! 

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